Experience Crete's Botanical Wonders

Crete’s botanical riches, biogeography, abundant flora and the extensive endemic plant species will be explored through responsible ecotourism. According to Dr. Horst Kretzschmar, author of ‘Orchids of Crete and the Dodecanese’ there are 70 species and 23 sub-species of orchids on Crete. Come and explore!


  • Professors from the University of Crete
  • Local and international scientists and horticulturists
  • Botanists and authors

Classes for Adults & Children

  • Discover the wild, edible plants of Crete
  • Lectures on the extensive endemic species
  • Explore local herb and vegetable gardens
  • Discover the orchids and flowers of Crete
  • Learn traditional, natural herbal remedies
  • Learn about wild, mountain tea’s health properties, selection, drying, preparation, preserving and tasting
  • Children and adults tend a botanical garden and learn about the aromatics of Crete.

Excursion Opportunities

  • Take a field trip to coastal, valley or mountain regions and discover the rugged beauty of Crete.
  • Discover the natural beauty of the Amari Valley, the Tuscany of Crete, and see carob trees, giant plane trees, ancient olive trees, and panoramic views
  • Join a guided nature walk for bird watching or to view rare plant and flower speciesthat bloom only in certain areas of Crete.
  • Mountain and seaside photography excursions