The Cretan Dance Experience - OPA!

From costumes and music to extinct dances, the vision for this program focuses on advancing the history, symbolism, and fundamentals of Cretan folk dance.


  • Local and international instructors with established credentials and expertise in Cretan folkdance

Instructor's Workshop

  • An intensive 3-5 day workshop for dance instructors
  • Learn the logistics and fundamentals of teaching authentic Cretan folkdances to your students.
  • Become skilled in the subtle nuances and symbolism in the dances of Eastern, Middle and Western Crete.
  • Become proficient in extinct dances and help keep Crete’s folkdance culture alive for future generations.
  • Workshop culminates with a party (Glendi), and dance performances celebrating the joy and rich cultural heritage of Cretan folk dance.

Children, Teen & Adults Dance Education

  • Three Groups: Ages 4-12, 13-19, and Adult Classes
  • This three-day program teaches the four basic Cretan folk dances and regional variations.
  • Students learn team building, fundamentals, structure, how to transition basic steps into advanced variations.
  • Learn about costumes and their regional symbolism

Costume Pageant & Glendi

  • An exquisite pageant of local dancers in traditional Cretan costumes performing dances from their region, set to narration and traditional Cretan music.