The Cretan School of Iconography

The Cretan School of Iconography is one of the most celebrated and respected spiritual art forms in the world. From El Greco to today’s iconographers, come experience and be inspired by the spiritual beauty of these windows into the eternal realm of Heaven.


  • Professors from the University of Crete
  • Local and internationally known Cretan iconographers
  • Author Nikos Psilakis, an expert on the Byzantine churches and monasteries of Crete

Learning Opportunities

  • Lectures on the great Cretan iconographer, El Greco
  • Learn of the brave Cretan iconographers who fled to Venice and other countriesto preserve their lives and precious art during Ottoman occupation.
  • Hands-on workshops by esteemed iconographers

Excursion Opportunities

  • Excursions will include visits to local Byzantine churches and monasteries where guests will see and experience the beauty and impact icons have had through the centuries.
  • Visit the historic14th century, triple-aisled vaulted basilica of the Panaghia in the village of Meronas high above the beautiful Amari Valley. The remarkably well-preserved frescoes date from the early 14th century.
  • Visit the 16th century Convent of Chrysopigi, near Souda Bay, where over 40 nuns tend historic icons and prayerfully labor to create new icons, which support the charitable work of the convent.