The Cretan Music Experience

From the passion of Lyra master Andreas Rodinos(1912-1934), to the highly expressive playing of Kostas Moundakis (1926-1991), the spirit and soul of Crete’s greatest virtuosos continue to inspire tomorrow’s masters.


  • Professors of Ethnomusicology
  • Local and international guest artists
  • Master musicians of the Lyra, Laouto, Mandolin, Bulgari (small Bouzouki), and Violin

Musical Instrument Workshop

  • An unprecedented opportunity to learn hands-on techniques from the world’s most acclaimed masters of Cretan music.
  • Basic and advanced improvisational techniques
  • Composing and interpretive playing
  • Rhythmical and melodic composition

Learn Traditional Cretan Song Forms

  • Mantinades, from the Venetian word matinada, or morning song, are Cretan rhyming couplets.
  • The Rizitika,songsfilled with folklore and pathos

Excursion Opportunities

  • Labyrinth Musical Workshop and Museum, Choudetsi, Crete, Ross Daly, Owner. Awarded the European Citizens Prize in 2012.

Student Recital and Glendi

  • Students present a recital followed by a performance with their instructors, culminating in a festive instrumental, song and dance celebration