The Cretan Mountaintop Experience

The topography and majesty of Crete calls nature lovers to an unforgettable experience hiking, rock climbing, caving, and trekking the island’s vast natural wonders.


  • Professors from the University of Crete
  • Geologists and Ecologists
  • Local Certified Mountain Guides

Learning Opportunities

  • Crete’s caves will be studied for their unique insects and rock formations.
  • Learn responsible ecotourism and how to enjoy Crete while preserving the ecosystem.
  • Team building and safety training through hiking and mountain climbing experiences.

Excursion Opportunities

  • Take a guided walk though the famous Sfentoni Cave at Zoniana, the island's most beautiful cave, adorned with stalactites and stalagmites and home to some of the rarest species on earth.
  • Mountain climbing and hiking enthusiasts will be offered excursions with local guides. Easy or difficult routes accommodate various fitness levels.
  • Climb Mt. Psyloritis (8,057 ft.), the highest mountain in Crete, for spectacular panoramic views. A mountaintop picnic lunch at the summit with Cretan music and singing followed by dinner in a local taverna tops off the experience.